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Miss A’s Suzy reveals her secret facial skin care, “4.2.4 Rule”

Miss A’s Suzy attracted attention by revealing her secret facial skin care method.

In the episode of SBS TV’s Midnight TV Entertainment that aired on February 22, Suzy, currently one of the hottest girl group member, appeared and revealed her secret facial skin care method.

In the episode, Suzy introduced oil massage as the first step for her 4.2.4 Rule that helps keep her facial skin soft like that of a baby. The 4.2.4 Rule is a 10-minute process of washing her face. For first four minutes, she washes her face with oil and removes the waste. It even has the effects of massage.

The next step is 2-minute foam cleansing. The most important part of this step is to make a lot of foam with hands. However, if you wash your face for too long, your skin can become dry, so you have to be careful.

As the last step, she cleans up her face with water for four minutes. She never uses a towel to dry her face but only taps her hands on her face.

The viewers responded: “Do I have to wash my face for 10 minutes to be like her? I can’t do it even for a minute,” “There’s a reason why her facial skin is so good,” “We all have to try hard to be beautiful.”

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