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Miss A’s Suzy gets shy because of many people’s attention

A video of Miss A’s Suzy is currently attracting many people’s attention.

A video of Miss A’s Suzy attending a preview of her film An Introduction to Architecture was recently uploaded on an online community board. In the video, Suzy is showing off her pretty look without much make up.

Surprised by a flurry of flashing cameras, Suzy made a V-sign with her fingers and showed some cute actions. Suzy, with long straight hair and light makeup, attracted many people’s attention immediately.

People responded: “Suzy in the video is awesome! She’s so pretty,” “Suzy is the best!” “Suzy makes me log in,” “I envy the people who actually saw Suzy at the preview. I want to see her for real,” “Suzy’s like goddess.”

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